Denson Logistics AB

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Third Party Logistics

Denson provides Third Party Logistics (3PL)  which means that we as a sub contractor can store, pick, pack, assemble and distribute parts for other companies. Currently, we provide most of our 3PL services from Umeå. Our typical customer is a supplier to a manufacturer or the end customer himself. Some of the material is owned by the supplier, some of the material is owned by the end customer and some of the material is owned by us.

The picking can be ordinary picking or sequence picking. In ordinary picking the deliveries consists of different part numbers in some quantities. In sequence picking the material is packed in a certain order - normally the same sequence as the end customer will produce their products.

We can also offer infreights by boat, train or truck to our warehouse and transport the material from our warehouse with our own truck. In other words, we can handle the entire distribution from the supplier to the end customer.

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News flash

"We shall provide the best logistics and packaging solutions for the manufacturing industry"

- Stefan Karlsson, Managing Director